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    How to become a beacon of love to all those around you.


    A lighthouse shines light to those navigating coastal waters to show them the way.  We can also be a beacon of love, a light in the darkness for those who are adrift in the sea of darkness. Think of yourself as a lighthouse on a hill beaming light and love energy to all those who are near.  Light is energy and likewise, love is energy, love is the light of Christ that shines within us.

    As we move throughout our day, we have the opportunity to shine our light and love energy to the world which surrounds us as we pass through.  Prayerfully consider those around you as those deserving of your love energy. Mindfully and consciously move throughout you day as beacons of love, light, hope, inspiration, empathy, compassion, acceptance, trust, honor, respect, faith, healing, kindness, understanding and guidance.

    Ask God to open your eyes and fill your heart with love for all those that surround you.  Be filled with gratitude for the many blessing he has bestowed upon you and drink continually of his cup of love and let it overflow spilling endlessly in all directions. 

    Prepare yourself to acknowledge, accept, respect and honor all those you meet.  With your eyes, smile and body continence, draw others to you so that they will feel of your love energy.  Silently pray for them in their time of need and recognize the pain in their face and body. 

    Appreciate and understand the gifts that you have been given and your role and awesome responsibility to let others know that you care for them.  Become a beacon of love. 

    Shine your love light in all directions.  Send your love energy to the Universe wherever you go. 

    Pray for those around you.  Lord, I am a beacon of love and light, may those around me at this moment feel and sense your love, the love that lives within me.  May their burdens, pain, worry, stress be lightened and their day brighten by my love, by your love, by our love.  We are a beacon of light of love of hope of inspiration of guidance in a sea of darkness, pain, hurt, frustration, anger, misery and fear. 

    I am love, I am light, and I am a lighthouse of Love Energy, shining brightly for all those to see, guiding those in a sea of darkness.

    Will you become a lighthouse of love and light?

    Send your love freely to the universe and it WILL respond in kind.

    To start your journey begin by taking the free fear assessment, just click on the link below.

    Fear Assessment


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