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    What is love?

    As I was walking God was talking and this is what he said.

    Several years ago I spent a great deal of time walking and as I walked I carried a notebook and a pen. I received what I know to be Devine inspiration from God. What you are about to read is what God would like us all to hear. I believe God gave me these words to write down so that I might share them with the world. God our Father in Heaven wants us all to know he Loves us and he also wants us all to know that Love is much more than never having to say you are sorry.

    Please take time to reflect on the words given to me by God our Father in Heaven. God has instructed me to tell you that he would like to ask each of you to take the time to read these words aloud twice a day for thirty days. He knows that by doing this, you will change your life forever. You will also change the lives of everyone around you.

    Lastly, before you start to read you need to know. The words you are about to read were given to me and I wrote them down in the order in which I received them. I have not altered or changed the sequence in which they were given to me, nor have I added or subtracted from them since I received them. I wrote down word for word what God our Father in Heaven wanted us all to hear.

    Enjoy what God our Father in Heaven has provided me as a gift to you and to all those you know.

    God Bless one and all.

    What is love?

    As I was walking, the Lord was talking and this is what he said – in order.

    Love is appreciation, acceptance, thinking of others.

    Love is acceptance of one's self and others and appreciation of what you have been so generously and graciously given.

    Love is service to others with a smile.

    Love acknowledges others. Sacrifices for others. Recognizes others.

    Love forgives others and also forgives one’s self for wrong doing.

    Love is patience, kind, understanding, empathetic and compassionate.

    Love is not exclusively sensual or sexual contact, the act of love making, looking lovely or beautiful, stares from others.

    Love is not your external appearance and does not judge others external appearances.

    Love is trust.

    Love is honor.

    Love is respect.

    Love is obedience.

    Love giving without the expectation of receiving back from your unconditional gift.

    Love is not selfish.

    Love is not greedy.

    Love is not self-centered.

    Love is not jealous.

    Love is not envious.

    Love is not impatient.

    Love is not needy.

    Love is not out of control; love does not lose control of one’s self.

    Love is not angry.

    Love is not bitter.

    Love is not or hostile.

    Love is a state of calm, peace and harmony with one’s self and others.

    Love is spending time together because you desire to, it is not in what you are doing that matters, but the fact that you are doing it together.

    Love is not only kissing, physical contact, physical intimacy.

    Love reaches deeper and is committed to one another and a common cause or belief, a desire to please one another, sharing, caring, and daring to be yourself.

    Love is not pretentious.

    Love is not narcissistic.

    Love is not egotistical.

    Love is acceptance of others for who they are and not for who they are not.

    Love does not desire to change others, but accepts them imperfections and all.

    Love is finding joy in every situation and circumstance and trial that life has to offer.

    Love is not a state of neediness.

    Love does not take but gives.

    Love is not boastful.

    Love is not prideful.

    Love is not vain.

    Love is not insecure.

    Love is the gift of giving

    Love desires to please others and comfort others.

    Love is patient, kind and understanding.

    Love is giving a gift to someone else when they least expect it.

    Love is giving a gift to those or others who are incapable of repaying you.

    Love is God's grace – grace is a gift from God that we are unable to repay.

    Love is being the first one to say you are sorry.

    Love is being the first one to back down from a fight, an argument, a quarrel or disagreement.

    Love does not have to be right all the time.

    Love is giving in or compromising to promote peace and harmony.

    Love is not sweating the small or trivial things in life and remembering that everything is small or trivial.

    Love thinks before it speaks.

    Love is slow to anger.

    Love is being a good listener.

    Love is thinking and acting positively, optimistically and with gladness in your heart.

    Love is living with personal integrity, honesty and truth.

    Love is not to be confused with lust

    Love is sticking it out through the difficult times.

    Love means never giving up or giving in to temptation or sin.

    Love means taking your difficulties about life to the Lord in prayer and obedience and not your friends.

    Love is relying on the Lord and not others.

    Love does not seek to honor men, but to honor the Lord.

    Love does not seek its own glory, honor and praise.

    Love is humble.

    Love is having the freedom to be yourself without the fear, uncertainty and doubt that comes from worrying about how others feel about you.

    Love does not judge others and does not worry about being judged by others.

    Love is obedience to our mother and father and our Father in Heaven.

    Love is respect for others in all circumstances.

    Love is not destructive to others or to one’s self; it does not seek to destroy but to build up.

    Love does not gossip.

    Love does not slander.

    Love does not speak harshly.

    Love does not speak behind another’s back.

    Love builds others up.

    Love speaks kindly of others.

    Love, respects the rights and feelings of others.

    Love respects the opinions and beliefs of others.

    Love appreciates and respects the imperfections of others.

    Love does not point out others imperfections, weaknesses or acts of indiscretion.

    Love does not keep secrets because love does not listen to secrets.

    Love looks for opportunities to give.

    Love is a gracious and thankful recipient of gifts from others.

    Love respects the feelings of others.

    Love puts the needs, wants and desires of others before their own.

    Love is not critical of others.

    Love does not criticize others.

    Love is not mean to others, verbally or physically.

    Love means going with the flow and following the work and will of the Lord.

    Love does not attempt to create one's own will and desires, but listens to guidance from the Holy Spirit as to the Lord's will.

    Love means accepting and forgiving your enemies or those who attempt to harm you.

    Love does not blame, shame or find fault in others.

    Love means accepting personal responsibility for your actions regardless of the consequences.

    Love does not grumble.

    Love does not complain.

    Love does not compare one with another. We are all God’s children.

    Love is obedience to the Lord's commands and commandments.

    Love does not judge others.

    Love does not worry about one’s life, but seeks reliance and assurance from the Lord.

    Love does not purposely cause or inflict pain.

    Love does not seek revenge.

    Love is not vengeful.

    Love begins and ends with you, you are loved, the Lord loves you, accepts you for who you are – unconditionally.

    Love is not something you seek after, give love freely and freely you will receive love.

    Love is a gift from the Lord,

    Love today, live today, forgive today, and serve today, love as the Lord has loved you – unconditionally.

    Love is not only listening, but listening to what is being spoken.

    Love is more than three words which can be easily spoken; love is putting those three spoken words into action.

    Love is tolerant of other people’s differences.

    Love is not what you get back, but what you give.

    Love is not what you possess, but what you give away.

    Love does not attempt to keep up with our neighbors.

    Love is prayer.

    Love is joy.

    Love is happiness.

    Love means being content, regardless of the circumstance.

    Love is not wanting more, but getting by with what you have been so graciously given.

    Love knows the rules, accepting the rules and obeying the rules.

    Love is acceptance of what one has and not grumbling or complaining about what one does not have.

    Love does not tease others.

    Love does not make fun of others or make them the butt of jokes, especially in front of others.

    Love is thanking the Lord for everything.

    Love appreciates everything the Lord has created.

    Love does not compare one person to another.

    Love is a thankful heart for all the Lord has blessed you with.

    Love does not seek to conquer, but looks for equality in all things.

    Love does not destroy, rather it builds up.

    Love is affection, affirmation and the gift of time spent together.

    Love is not what you do for you, but what you do for others.

    Love is not about where you have gone that matters, but where you are headed.

    Love means never having to go to bed angry.

    Love means never being forced or coerced into saying you are sorry. The Lord loves a repentant heart.

    Love is service to others.

    Love is calm, a state of peace and tranquility.

    Love is of the Lord.


    The two new commandments given to us in the New Testament are…..


    Matthew 22:37-40

    New International Version (NIV)

    37 Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the first and greatest commandment. 39 And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

    Begin living your life anew, refreshed with the knowledge that you are loved and in loving and serving others you will find the peace, joy and happiness that you deserve.




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